Sabor Mexicano Foods Salsas

Locally Handmade! No Preservatives!

Part of what makes this salsa so special is its all natural taste. Its full bodied richness and authenticity contains a passion for flavor, love of cooking, and dedication to quality. In the spirit of Sabor Mexicano’s philosophy of, “farm to table,” all salsas are fire roasted and handmade from the freshest ingredients and are 100% natural.



This original Sabor Mexicano salsa was an immediate classic…

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Salsa

Medium Hot

This earthy salsa takes the complex and rich flavors of Mexican cuisine with roasted pumpkin seeds…

Verde Salsa

Medium Hot

This smooth and versatile salsa is one of Sabor Mexicano’s original and most popular salsas…

Casera Salsa


This salsa has everyone coming back for more….

Mango Salsa


This salsa is like taking your favorite dish on vacation to somewhere as refreshing as it is exotic.

Chipotle Salsa


A Sabor Mexicano Foods favorite!

Infierno Salsa

Extra Hot

This salsa is definitely for the thrill-seeking palette.

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