“The farm tour and dinner were so wonderful; thanks a million for organizing the event and for inviting us. All the folks were so kind and sweet and generous. I can see why you like them so muchand want to help them get off to a good start. It’s terrific to see such good people succeeding in the world by doing what they love and sharing it with others.” — Open House attendee

“Jorge’s own warmth and passion for his work nurtured our souls enough to send us home happy, with full bellies and awaiting our next visit to Sabor Mexicano Farm. We met lovely people and I hope to make my way into that kitchen -or maybe prepare a paella on the field-very soon.” — www.sobremesa.us

“Everything he (Jorge Saldana) grows is true to his philosophy of good health and a contribution to the greater good of the environment. Some of the produce traces ancestry to heritage seeds handed down from Saldana’s family in Mexico.” — Green Traveler Guides


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